The sparkling story that became an international publishing phenomenon!
The Rainbow Fish will enchant even the youngest child with his silver scales and heart of gold in this award-winning book about the beautiful fish who learned to share his most prized possession.

The Rainbow Fish is a striking addition to Mermaid’s repertory of beloved children’s classics. The stage adaptation of Marcus Pfister’s colorful story also features two companion stories, Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea and Opposites. A host of glittering puppet sea creatures and charming original music are certain to engage young audiences, as well as their parents, grandparents, and teachers.

About the Performance

The first of three tales introduces the most beautiful fish in the sea, whose scales shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow. He is admired – and resented - by the entire underwater world, until a clever octopus advises him to give each fish one of his scales. Further adventures follow as The Rainbow Fish finds the courage to explore the great unknown deep sea, discovering a new world with wonderful sights and friendly creatures of all shapes, sizes and colours who are eager to make his acquaintance.
The underworld wonderland is the setting for an introduction to the concept of opposites. As a fitting finale, the story ends with the most satisfying opposite of all—give and take—as Rainbow Fish shares one of his shining scales with a friend.