5 Reasons to Get Excited about Créssida Contemporary Dance 

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Did you hear the news, LPAC friends? Créssida Dance Company is performing in NYC for the very first time! Their performance is part of the 2019 edition of Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, a platform dedicated to present contemporary Mexican arts and culture and foster multicultural dialogues between Mexico and the U.S.

Here are 5 reasons to get hyped about our season-opening performance: 

1. Créssida’s program includes the world premiere of Naj (House), a piece celebrating indigenous languages. “We live in a place with great cultural richness, passed on from one of the most important civilizations in the world: the Mayans. Our steps reflect their history and present, our rhythm their dreams and legends,” says Artistic Director Lourdes Luna. 

Luna has been working closely with New York-based Mexican-American composer Carlo Nicolau, who created original music for Naj. Commissions are a big undertaking, but they’re crucial in moving the arts forward, which is why Celebrate Mexico Now teamed up with LPAC to present this exciting binational collaboration.  

2. There'll be a FREE dance workshop with Lourdes Luna at Rioult Dance Center. The class will work as a creative lab and is open to actors, dancers, teachers, choreographers and performers of any kind. Find out more here!

3. The second piece of the program, La primera piedra (The Foundation Stone), was created by Spanish choreographer Roberto Olivan. The work will be performed in an atypical format, centered around the expressive needs of the restlessness and inquisitive nature of a whole generation. 

4. The company’s work has always been rooted in the constant search for all dimensions of the human condition, which translates into a very unique, expressive language on stage.

5. Celebrate Mexico Now is the first and only independent festival in New York City that highlights Mexican culture. This year, the festival kicks off on October 7th at Columbia University. You can and support their crowdfunding campaign here.