Fables celebrate the timeless stories that teach lessons universally embraced by the many cultures found in the borough of Queens.
Children get to rehearse and perform alongside the professional dancers of RIOULT Dance NY.

RIOULT Dance NY’s Fables celebrates the timeless stories common among the many cultures found in the borough of Queens. Inspired by the rhythmic narrative of Jean de La Fontaine’s “Fables”, choreographer Pascal Rioult brings to life familiar tales such as the “Crow and the Fox,” the “Tortoise and the Hare,” and others. A program of the “Queens Borough Community Dance Project,” Fables will include young dancers from the community dancing alongside the professional dancers from RIOULT Dance NY.

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RIOULT Dance NY in partnership with LaGuardia Community College’s Performing Arts Center (LPAC) presented Artistic Director Pascal Rioult’s ‘Fables,’ a family-friendly production of the Queens Borough Community Dance Project.

In this production, young dancers between the ages of 6 and 16 gain first-hand exposure to the dedication and artistry that comes with working on a professional level. They hone their technique and performance skills and discover their artistic voice while working with their peers and the professional dancers as a group. This extraordinary experience for the student dancers is available to them at no cost. The Queens Borough Community Dance Project is part of RIOULT Dance NY’s commitment to accessibility, bringing the community to dance by bringing dance to the community.