Rough Draft Festival 2018
- Readings -


The yacoubian building

March 26, 2018 - Little Theater - 7pm
March 27, 2018 - Little Theater - 2pm

A play by Kareem Fahmy
Based on the novel by Alaa Al Aswany
Directed by Kareem Fahmy
Original Music by David Dabbon 

Based on the novel that became an international sensation, "The Yacoubian Building" is set in Cairo, chronicling the lives of Egyptians of different religions, sexual orientations, and class backgrounds. The titular apartment block becomes a microcosm of an Egypt infested with corruption, discrimination, and despair. A love letter to the Middle East, the play conjures an Egypt before the Arab Spring, still on the brink of change, deeply divided but full of hope.

First aid for choking

March 31, 2018 - Little Theater - 7pm 

Written and Directed by Scott Brooks 

This four character family drama centers around an alcoholic daughter and her fiancé on the night they are moving out of her parents house. The emotional gauntlet that they have to run first may prevent them both from even making it out the front door.

Southern Soul - Photo Exhibition

in collaboration with LAGCC photography Department 

Opening Reception at the Little Theater Lobby - April 16, 2018 - 6pm

For two weeks in January of 2018, a group of 12 LaGuardia Community College photography students took part in a photographic study of the great state of Louisiana led by Photography Degree Program Director Scott Sternbach. 

Beginning in New Orleans and then moving westward to Cajun country and the city of Lafayette students worked on projects they had researched in advance of the trip. They investigated the diverse music scene, the incredible cuisine, the aftermath of Katrina and the unique cultural blend that sets the State apart from all others. 

Many thanks to the LaGuardia Foundation and LaGuardia College Association for making experiential learning and study abroad success for our students.

InViolet Play Bridge

April 16, 2018 - BlackBox Theater - 7pm 

Created by Garrett Neergaard
Written by Bayley StormeGeorge Pinnock and Shakerria Henderson-Smith

Cycles, by Shakerria Henderson-Smith; mentored by Erin Mallon: Two relationships, decades apart, intersect in a cautionary tale about the cyclical roles we are doomed to play out if we fail to learn from our mistakes. 

Feathered Pink, by George Pinnock; mentored by Bixby Elliot: After a lifetime of being mistreated by his family, Pigeon makes the bold choice to break free from his cage, and venture out from under the wings of his narcissistic mother. In an effort to learn more about the world, and himself, Pigeon sets off to see just what the world has to offer.  

About June, by Bayley Storme; mentored by Lia Romeo: June delves into her past of family drama, mental illness and sexual identity. A modern young woman that exposes her fears and dreams, bringing to light the events in life that we all go through despite the lack of acknowledgement in our current society.

Special thanks to Erin Mallon, Lia Romeo and Bixby Elliot for their guidance and generosity.

Magic Constructs

April 20, 2018 - BlackBox Theater - 7pm 

Co-Created by Bogdan Georgescu and Mikajilo Rancovic
Sound by Borusiade - A Body, Comeme 2018

Magic Constructs is an Active Art project exploring the life of a transgender immigrant in New York 2018. Magic Constructsdocuments and deconstructs the saga of becoming oneself. The trans-immigrants leave behind the countries of their birth, together with their gender. How many borders does one have to cross to reach the place where s/he/they would call home? Is passing as male or female central to trans identity? Does our culture fetishize the “unfinished” transformation process? How has the conception of trans identity shifted during these immigrants own timelines of migration and transition?