Rough Draft Festival 2016
- Workshop -

Led by acclaimed artists/companies, RD workshop introduces creative experiences and brings a diverse group
of participants  together. LAGCC’s student body and community is encouraged to participate.
2016 Participants: Carolyn Dorfman.



March 10 - 2:30pm - On MainStage

TRACES - a dance and movement experience that simultaneously explores our roots and foundations AND our collective journey in the here and now. 

Led by acclaimed Choreographer/Artistic Director Carolyn Dorfman and company members this is an interactive workshop/performance.  This unique creative experience is designed to inspire awareness, challenge our views of both ourselves and others, and create physical and verbal dialogue. This workshop is based on our newest work in progress, TRACES.  It is an exploration of the forces that create us and change us:  Our legacies and past (vertical connections) and our current connections to one another (horizontal connections).  This workshop brings together diverse voices/bodies/histories and helps define common ground, goals and action. Dance and the ensemble become a powerful visual metaphor for life and community and art becomes a voice for social change.