Rough Draft Festival 2016
- Work In Progress -

Companies/Artists that participated in a previous Rough Draft Festival under a different category are selected
to be part of a longer residency with a development budget.
2016 Participants: Alberto Denis, Natalie Birriel and Polybe + Seats.



March 9, 2016 - 2:30pm, March 10 & 11 - 7:30pm - Litttle Theatre

Tickets $10/5

Set in Miami, just as the Funk of the 80’s was ending and the hip hop/grunge period of the 90’s was beginning, in Speak! we witness the plight of Natalie trying to find her voice. We also meet her Puerto Rican-African American-Cuban-Jewish posse who helped and inspired her with their own amazing voices and who in their own way had something that prevented them from saying what they really meant to say.  Speak! explores the thing that unites us all is our need to be heard and understood.


The Art of Hijab, Kohl Black the right
way to pray

March 16, 2016 - 2:30pm/March 17 & 18, 2016 - 7:30pm - On MainStage Theatre

Tickets $10/$5

Inspired by YouTube tutorials on make-up and hijab styling, The Art of Hijab, Kohl Black, and the Right Way to Pray engages with Muslim feminist identity and playwright Sarah Badiyah Sakaan’s experience growing up in a Muslim household in the U.S. Bible Belt. The workshop production, directed by Jessica Silsby Brater, explores the juxtaposition of American Muslim women living assimilated lives yet choosing to dress modestly.

Following Polybe + Seats’s 2014 Anna Asli Suriyah (I come from Syria), the project is a continuation of the company’s interest in exploring Muslim-American identity.


The emancipation proclamation of gogo gadget: The teaser!

March 18, 2016 - 3pm & March 19, 2016 - 3pm

Tickets $5

The workshop a first draft on the way to an evening length exposition, told through monologue, dance, projections, live surveys, storytelling, humor, and vulnerable exposure, of one man’s struggle to understand his continually changing sense of self awareness and development through the taxing lens of “body image”. At its core, the work is centered around compassion for one’s self and others, within an incredibly intimate setting, built to emulate a casual cabaret and designed to disarm the audience by exposing the performer (myself), mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. Themes of attraction, physique, health, the gym/workouts, media and marketing, entertainment and more, encompass this revealing journey towards a deeper understanding and visceral feeling of beauty, for myself and others, and how, and if, it matters at all.